Character: Bunny Whistledown

Fullname: Bunnycottonpoof Whistledown
Nickname: Bunny
Race: Kender
Gender: Female
Height: 3'9"
Age: 18

Bunny's slender frame is covered by a simple brown tunic and pine green tights. She wears a wide belt to cinch in the waist of her shirt that looks like it may have originally been a giant's gaunlet. Little rings have been fastened here and there along the bottom now and she has tied several pouches of varying size to most of them. Her feet are covered in tiny leather slippers; a rabbit's tail set upon them for decoration. Her only other form of accessory is a braided rope around her neck and a small green leather pouch that hangs from it. A dark, mud colored cloak rides her shoulders and falls a bit long in the back. It looks to have been hacked away at the bottom more than hemmed in any reasonable manner. Nearly always is her trusty cedar hoopak at her side. She is almost as proud of this as she is her floor length raven hair that is kept in a high topknot.

The races in Krynn

Ok let's talk about your races now. I will put detailed descriptions behind lj cuts so you can read the ones you want.

The obvious Human.
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Next we have, my personal favorite, Elves.
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Elves can be fighters, rangers, clerics, mages, thieves, bards. they can also multi-class.

Then there are Dwarves.
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And now the Gnomes.
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And last but not least, the irrepressible Kender.
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That does it for the races. comment if you see what you like and I will explain more if necessary. There is much more detail I did not go into yet.
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Some history

This community will be for what I hope to be our adventures in the world of Krynn, also known as Dragonlance. If any of you have read Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, or Dragons of Spring Dawning then you should be very familiar with this world. If not, this post and the next few will be all about giving you some history.

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