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Fri, Apr. 8th, 2005, 10:50 pm
walsingfolk: The races in Krynn

Ok let's talk about your races now. I will put detailed descriptions behind lj cuts so you can read the ones you want.

The obvious Human.
I think we all know this one pretty well. It should cover most of us here. There are no adjustments to their abilities or special powers, etc. They can be any class they want: Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Rogue. They can also become Knights of Solamnia. (More on them later.)

Next we have, my personal favorite, Elves.
There are three subspecies of Elf. All elves have a -1 to constitution and +1 to dexterity. Their preferred weapons are long or short bow and long or short sword.
1. Silvanesti: These guys are the highest of the elves. They are the most aloof and the most disdainful of all other races. They would need one hell of a reason to adventure.
2. Qualinesti: Not so stuck up as #1.They still have fled to the depths of their forest. But they do tend to trade a little more openly with the rest of the world. These guys tend to be your adventurous types.
3. Kagonesti: Wild Elf. Xenophobic bastards. They dont even like other elves. War paint, tattooes, crazy buggers.
4. Dark Elf: Not really a race. Just an elf cast out of elven society for screwing up their way of life. typically evil but with a good enough reason would not have to be.
Elves can be fighters, rangers, clerics, mages, thieves, bards. they can also multi-class.

Then there are Dwarves.
There are three dwarf subspecies as well. They are the hardiest of races receiving a bonus to constitution but a negative to charisma. both sexes are bearded and hard to tell apart. 55% of all dwarves are sterile so they are a dying race.
1. Mountain dwarf: The stuck up dwarf. They live deep in the mountains underground. Very greedy bastards, almost xenophobic but not quite so bad as the elves. Touch not their treasure or die you will. they are good, albeit greedy, adventurers.
2. Hill dwarf: Your common every day dwarf that will happily associate with other races, even the occassional elf. they live above ground and are excellent craftsmen. Great for adventuring.
3. Gully dwarf: The dregs of society. they eat garbage. stupid, stupid stupid stupid. they tend to bumble along. could be a good choice but comic relief. not the most powerful of creatures, easily frightened.
Dwarves can be fighters, clerics, thieves and can multi-class. no wizard magic classes for them and they even have a chance of magic items misfiring when they use them. tough against poison and magic spells tho.

And now the Gnomes.
The gnomes on Krynn are called Tinker gnomes. Think of a mad scientist whose inventions explode and kill things, including the scientist, and you have Tinker gnomes. Imagine thousands of them living in a hollowed out mountain building screwed up contraptions like the mousetrap game to do the simplest action. Funny little bastards they are. comical characters.

And last but not least, the irrepressible Kender.
Halfings. a bit taller and thinner than hobbits and with no absolutely no fear. They wear their hair long up in a topknot and are very proud of its length. Kender can be fighters or thieves. all kender are "handlers". They are A-D-D and don't understand ownership. locks are foreign to them unless they are picking them. they tend to "find" things constantly. they carry a hoopak (a staff about their height ending in a V with a bit of rubber making it a great slingshot). They have wanderlust from about 16-18 until their late 30's. Oh and they are fearless. Not brave. they do not have the emotion of fear....

That does it for the races. comment if you see what you like and I will explain more if necessary. There is much more detail I did not go into yet.